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The 21st century, Internet, the most advanced technologies accesible to everyone everywhere…a lot of people and companies wonder why they would need a travel agency if they can organize their trip by themselves.

We too think that one shouldn’t be obligated or even encouraged to spend money on things they don’t need, therefore we give you 5 most important reasons why you do NOT NEED to use our services.


If you or someone from your company has enough time to serve the Internet, research and analyse the offers of hotels, flights, transfers and other services which are useful or, in some cases, necessary during your trip, you probably don’t need help form a travel agency.

It’s also good to have time and patience to find out what to do in case of problems during the trip, for example lost luggage or documents, what the right of the passenger’s are in case of delayed flights or an overbooked hotel, which type of insurance is worth buying before the trip and which benefits and in which countries are guaranteed within the scopes of social insurance.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to read about the local customs of the place you’re going to visit, as well as about the tourist attractions that are worth seeing.


If you’d rather transfer your personal data, credit card or passport numbers etc. and store them on the most advanced servers of high-class security, you don’t need to contact us. Our office doesn’t store the clients’ data on any servers, and apart from credit cards you pay via bank transfer or in cash.


If you’re sure that what you find is always at more attractive prices, don’t contact us.

We don’t want to convince anyone that our services are the cheapest because nowadays no one can guarantee you this. However as experience shows the more expensive the trip, the more money you can save thanks to us, above all thanks to our knowledge and extensive experience which help us avoid costly mistakes.


If you don’t like to get advice and useful tips from competent workers, specialized in their field and you’d rather analyze all the options by yourself in order to choose the best one, you won’t need our services. Our purpose is to take care of every detail so you can enjoy your trip, be it a business trip or a vacation with your family, without worrying about anything.

Settings invoices

If you like to settle invoices from different suppliers from various countries, if you don’t want to save time by settling up with only one company, it’s another argument against using our services.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



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